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“Through the poetry of lyrics and the language of song, we share with you our moments. This is our soundtrack to the world we live in. This is our music, for life.

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Easy Does It…

(if no video shows here, then click on the title of this post) Dear Friend, As witnessed in this video, if Zak can do it, then you can be a part of it too…Another idea on how you can be a part of ‘Get On Up’. Sincerely, The World’s Most Shy Dancing Robot, ¬†Motherboard 2000. to listen click here, to participate click here

You…Not That: Help us with this video!

(if no video shows here, then click on the title of this post)   To hear and learn the song, click here. To be a part of this video, click here to submit your video!        

Send In Your Selfie For Our Upcoming Video for Get On Up!

Record yourself to this part of our upcoming song “Get On Up!” to be a part of our upcoming video. Below is a lyric video clip featuring a portion of the song. Info on how to send it in at our post found here: “Be In Our Next Music Video” Send in your best lip-synch and dance moves!!!

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